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If you are looking for a place to sleep or relax in South Africa, make one single enquiry .
You will start getting offers immediately from hotels, bed and breakfasts, and self-catering places to stay in the city of your choice. Compare prices, choose and book.
If you are looking for a place to sleep or relax in South Africa, make one single enquiry

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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs) for ENQUIRERS

Can you find me accommodation in XYZ Town or refer me to a good Bed and Breakfast in the area? 

Unfortunately not! The website has been built to make your accommodation search and booking as simple as possible.
Complete one single Enquiry Form, (View Form Here ) fill in all your required details, (you can add your own special requirements in the comment area! ) and within just a few hours, and for the next 2 days, you will receive many replies and some great accommodation offers from Establishments in the City /Town-Suburb that you have requested,and for the Type of Accommodation that you have selected.( ie., Cottage type or Bed and Breakfast accommodation)
All the offers that you receive will equal,or be for a lesser amount, than your total budget amount requested for sleeping all persons mentioned in your enquiry, for your entire stay.
View all your offers in a comparative list . ( a maximum of 20 offers will be sent to you per enquiry ) Compare offers, Select, Accept and Book and make all payments directly to the  Establishment of your choice! It is that easy!

I have confirmed my booking and made a payment to the Establishment but now need to cancel. What must I do?  What will it cost me ?  Will I get a refund?

Please contact the Establishment directly and provide your cancellation reasons.Establishment  contact details have been provided to you upon your acceptance of the booking.
Your outstanding amount due or your amount refunded if any ,will be determined by the Establishments own Terms and Conditions as listed on our website, the reasons for your cancellation, and the notice period given between the date of your cancellation and your booked arrival date.
NB. As you have cancelled the booking and not the Establishment ,You will be responsible for paying the Establishments referral commission for this booking to Find a Room CC .
This 15% commission due, calculated on the entire cancelled booking ,will be paid to us by the Establishment from your money.( ie.from money they have received from you for either your deposit or full payment for your booking.)
The Establishment will deduct our commission payment due as well as their own cancellation penalty amount, based on their own cancellation policy as per listed on our website, and refund you the balance, if any, depending on the cancellation circumstances and stated terms and conditions.
  Please contact should you have any difficulties in contacting the Establishment, or if you require assistance regarding your cancellation.

I am interested in accepting an offer and have asked a question to an Establishment 2 days ago , but have had no response.

The system monitors responses automatically and an email is generated to the Establishment if they do not respond within 24 hours. Should you not receive an answer , within 48 hours kindly notify us at of your question and we will make direct contact with the Establishment to see what the problem is, and then advise you accordingly.

I am not sure how much my accommodation should cost or where to stay or where to go !

 Enter in the Enquiry form comments box, your requirements and details of what you wish to do or where you wish to go, and then submit the Enquiry form and we will try and assist you.

Need to arrange a big  booking in a Hotel, perhaps with additional requirements, or have a large group and need some help? 

If your booking value is R30,000 or more, or you are searching for Group Accommodation, ( 8 or more rooms , 14 or more persons ), require conference facilities, or require car hire, transport including flights, or want to book local tourist activities, to go on sight-seeing tours, or book golf T Times etc., you can get this all arranged for you( for free) and at the best prices available by contacting
If you are a Travel Agent, Tour Operator, or person wanting to make a HOTEL or large group or complicated reservation, including transport and other activities , then  contact with your requirement details .


Before contacting Accommodation South Africa for information or submitting a support ticket query, please CLICK HERE  to look at  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  and read through the text to see if you can find an answer to your query.

If  you need assistance or advice regarding use of our booking system or are having technical or computer problems , kindly use the Accommodation South Africa TICKET SUPPORT SYSTEM as described below.

How to write Support tickets that get answered quickly and fully?

  • Give the support ticket a subject heading that clearly summarizes the entire query ticket in a few words. This makes it much easier and quicker for us to reply with an answer to your ticket.
  • Ask a maximum of 2  questions in each support ticket. This allows the appropriate support person to answer quickly. If you have five unrelated questions in your single support query ticket it needs to do the rounds, and inevitably it's going to take much longer to answer and we may forget to answer all your questions. If you have  three or more different questions, rather create a support ticket for each one.
  • Give us precise DETAILS of your problem. For instant, if our SYSTEM is doing something unexpected, give us a picture in the support ticket ( ie. a screen shot or copy and paste us the problem to view ) This  is worth a lot more than your typed 1000 words text, when we try to diagnose what's happening on your PC or gone wrong with our system.
  • For any question relating to our SYSTEM doing something weird on your computer, please tell us what operating system ( ie.APPLE ,MICROSOFT,or LINUX ) you are using, and also what browser( ie. EXPLORER, CHROME, FIREFOX or  SAFARI ) you are using .You might want to try using a different  browser to see if this solves the problem before posting a technical problem support ticket ,because that's probably what we going to suggest to you anyway.

USERS, before contacting Accommodation South Africa for information or submitting a support ticket query, please CLICK HERE  to look at  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  and read through the text to see if you can find an answer to your query.
Click below  and then onto the link and follow wording  to send us  your question , either via opening a NEW support ticket or by again using the PREVIOUSLY submitted ticket number

Accommodation South Africa Contact Details

E-Mail for general queries, or submit online Support ticket query here

Office Phone: +27 (0) 21 813 5859 for personal assistance  Monday - Friday,only between  9am - 3pm.

E-Mail to if you are the owner or manager of an Establishment and have questions regarding Registering as a USER  on or if you have technical or computer queries regarding your Establishment listing,or with our booking system  or for a quick reply fill in online Support ticket query here