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List your Establishment in your town/city/area for different types of accommodation that you offer.

(Eg. If your Establishment offers different types of accommodation, enter your Establishment for Bed and Breakfast or also under Guesthouse, or under the different types of Self Catering . You will then receive our relevant enquiries for these different types of accommodation that you offer in your Establishment for your Town/City/Area)

Once Registered as a USER ,you can also list any additional Establishments that you own or manage in any town/city/area for Bed and Breakfast, Guesthouse/Lodge, Apartment/Suites, Cottage/Chalets, Holiday House/Villa , Hotel/Resort, or Safari/Game Lodge

You must upload 6 or max 8 of your Establishments best images/pictures for each of these different accommodation type units as listed on our website .

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Once your Establishment is correctly listed you will receive all our enquiries for the Town/City/Area and Type of accommodation that you offer. You can then choose whether to reply and make an offer to our guest enquiry or not. Your reply will be sent to the Enquirer BUT ONLY provided your price quoted is within the Enquirers total budget requested and ONLY if you offer availability for the entire period of requested stay.The Enquirer views and compares all offers received, and will then select an Establishment and Book and Pay you Directly.